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uPVC Windows

When it comes to uPVC windows the benefits are many. Whether you are looking for security, energy efficiency or noise reduction, uPVC double glazed windows really do offer it all.

We’ve all heard of the term ‘double glazing’ but what does that actually mean? Double glazing are uPVC windows that are made up of two panes of glass housed within a secure framed structure. One of the most popular types of double glazing these days are uPVC double glazed windows.

uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, which is a strong, yet lightweight plastic material. This particular material is used a lot within the building trade, across areas such as windows, doors, facias and external pipes, mainly because it is light, durable and unbelievably low maintenance - all your windows will need to look as good as new is a quick wipe down with a cloth.

Safe and secure

uPVC double glazed windows offer homes an additional layer of security. Thanks to the two panes of glass in each window, double glazing can be extremely hard to break. When fitted correctly the uPVC framing is also commonly tamper proof, thanks to it’s durability and strength. Make additional use of any internal locking systems within your chosen windows you'll be giving your property greater levels of protection, and yourself greater peace of mind.

Energy efficient

You’ll want the windows you choose to offer both warmth and efficiency, especially during colder months - and uPVC glazed windows are great for this. The uPVC itself is naturally a warm material. As it is typically multi chambered in it’s make up, the plastic retains warmth within itself. This will not only keep out any chills or drafts during winter, but will also help to ensure the heat remains within your property, making a real difference to your energy bills year on year.

Reduce noise

For many of us, living with external noise is a given. If you live near a busy road, a railway line or flight path, you’ll know how important it is to keep the unnecessary noises out. uPVC double glazed windows can make a real difference here too. The double panes housed within the uPVC don’t make contact so any sound travelling through is significantly lowered compared to single glazing. In fact, most double glazed windows can lower noise levels by up to 31 decibels.

Stylish and easy to maintain

Strength and durability doesn’t in any way compromise the look and versatility of uPVC double glazed windows either. You can choose between a variety of shapes, styles and sizes all designed to truly compliment your property. One of the main benefits of using uPVC here is that your windows won’t need much in the way of maintenance, just a quick wipe every now and again will keep them looking their best.

‘Fit once and forget’

The cost of your uPVC double glazing will vary depending on the size, style and fittings needed, so tell us a little about your property and the windows you are looking to change and a member of the team will be happy to give you a quote. Typically, a well fitted set of modern uPVC double glazed windows can remain in place for 25 or more years, making them a great investment for future proofing your home. What’s more, our experienced team will make sure that your double glazing is fitted to the highest of standards with as little disruption to you as possible.

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