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An orangery can be a stylish and practical way to enhance a home, providing additional living space that can be used for entertaining, relaxing, or working.

Dating back to the 17th century, orangeries were typically found within the more fashionable European houses of the day. Essentially they were built to house fruit trees and other plants, protecting them from the harsh winter weather - much like a large structured greenhouse or garden room. They were created using brick frontages with large windows and glass roof.

Fast forward to today and orangeries are once again finding popularity, although now the structure of them is slightly smaller. They are still primarily made from bricks and incorporate large energy efficient windows and a flat, glass roof to let in a large amount of light.

Today’s orangeries are both beautiful and versatile, and no longer need to be reserved for protecting the plants! In fact, as they tend to have more ‘wall space’ than a typical conservatory they can feel more like a traditional house space, and work well for all sorts of usage. You could create an open and airy dining space, an extension of the kitchen, a kids room, study or playroom. Or simply keep the space as an area of peace and quiet to read to reflect.

A modern orangery can be designed to suit both your property and your budget, and can be a preferable choice between a conservatory and a full blown house extension. For those choosing between a conservatory and an orangery the differences are few these days, especially with the durable stability of a modern conservatory. However, the brick structures typical of an orangery can be the biggest visual difference between the two options. They can be full columns that add an element of grandeur, or be paired back to allow more space for floor to ceiling glass.

The addition of a brick base and/or columns adds a feeling of solidity and in many cases can really give the ‘wow factor’ to a property. A well designed orangery will certainly add value to your home, as it’s a great way to open up space and let in natural light within the property.

As one of the preferred providers of orangeries on the Wirral, we can advise you at every step of your project, from design through to build. As a rule, an orangery would generally be considered a ‘permitted development’ and therefore wouldn’t necessarily require planning permission. However, this depends on both your specific design and the space you have to construct within, so it’s advised to always check with the experts before proceeding with your build.

Again, costs associated with building an orangery will very much depend on your style and design. It can also be affected by the amount of brick you’ll be using and how much glass you’ll need. However, innovations in construction and the availability of materials means orangeries are now for more practical and affordable than ever before - and a great alternative to a time consuming and costly full house extension. What’s more, the bespoke nature of an orangery also makes it feel like the type of design project that will really reflect you and your property.

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