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French Doors

French doors are a classic style that remains popular with home owners to this day. Not only do they look good, both inside and out, they can be a really quick and easy way of adding extra light into an area of your home - like adding two big windows, the doors let you easily flood a room with natural daylight.

The benefits of attractive exterior French doors

French doors offer a good way to ventilate your property in warmer months, as you can easily open both doors to allow a bigger space to both enjoy your garden and let more air in. They can also be extremely helpful in making access to your property easier. The larger space you get when both doors are open can be really practical, especially if you need to move large items in and out through the doors.

uPVC French doors are well known for their durability and low maintenance. The material itself is strong and sturdy and will withstand all sorts of weather. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth will have your uPVC French doors looking as good as new.

Updating your external doors and adding to your properties ‘curb appeal’ will always be a great way to add value to your home. Not only does it make your home more attractive to potential buyers, it will add a lovely view of your garden from the house, and the light that the large window panes let in will make the room itself more enticing.

How much do uPVC French doors cost?

uPVC French doors can be surprisingly affordable considering the benefits you gain from choosing them. The costs themselves will vary greatly depending on both the style and size of French doors you need for your project and whether you are changing the space that the doors will be fitting into. If you are changing a window into a space to house French doors for example, you may incur additional building costs.

It is also advisable to have your uPVC French doors installed by the experts so you ensure you get a perfect fit. N&P Windows can help from start to finish, from choosing your exact doors to installation and beyond.


It is often thought that French doors aren’t as secure as a traditional back door, and this may well have been the case in the past. Now however, a modern set of uPVC French doors will be extremely secure. Not only is the uPVC material itself very strong and hard to break or tamper with. The double glazed glass panels can withstand a great deal of force, making it harder for intruders to gain access to your home through the doors.

All modern uPVC French doors come with additional locking systems which can give you complete peace of mind when it comes to the overall security of your property.

Energy efficiency

uPVC French doors are extremely energy efficient - which is good news for those rising energy bills. The uPVC casing works hard to retain heat and the double glazing offers unbeatable thermal performance, so you won’t lose any heat from your home through the doors when closed.

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